Chaaarge:wrote on 15.07.14
Guck weg! Grausam...
Chaaarge:wrote on 06.06.13
Shoutbox temporarily disabled due to spam...
QaQzXEtXlM:wrote on 07.12.12
Yup, that souhld defo do the trick!
HYeMLZQasj:wrote on 05.12.12
I want to send you an award for most helupfl internet writer.
rjFdywguci:wrote on 05.12.12
Please teach the rest of these itnernet hooligans how to write and research!
jpUHHtHmvS:wrote on 04.10.11
A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this artcile.
tpwHvuGWww:wrote on 02.10.11
And I was just wondrieng about that too!
BJiMSuWUcv:wrote on 01.10.11
Shiver me timbers, them's some great ifonmration.
dukiboy:wrote on 31.07.09
soul was isn das hier xD klär mich ma auf ich tipp hier rum usw ^^
Chaaarge:wrote on 29.04.09
Ye! The overall 100 visits are reached. Several bots are roaming this site pushing the stats a bit, but many hits come in from my only real user. Smiley9
Chaaarge:wrote on 28.04.09
Interesting who goes astray on this site. Smiley13
ui:wrote on 27.04.09
Smiley1 Smiley2 Smiley3
Chaaarge:wrote on 06.03.09
I hope Times New Roman is simple enough. Smiley1
And again:wrote on 25.02.09
If I would use this counter on my website, I would prefer a simple font like Arial or Arial Italic. Just my 2 cent. :)
Chaaarge:wrote on 22.02.09
I just added another font. It's bulkier and more present.
Chaaarge:wrote on 17.02.09
Would anyone do such a nasty thing? I thought about that myself already but came to the result, that the harm is minimal.
Me again:wrote on 17.02.09
I think it's possible to hijack a counter and put it on the own website (and manipulate stats). Would be nice to restrict the counter to a given domain. ;)
Chaaarge:wrote on 16.02.09
Your wish will be heard! Although the login area already exists. Smiley26
Guess who:wrote on 16.02.09
Maybe you could create a login area, where I can see extended stats for my counter, e.g. which browser my users use or what OS they have... ;)
Chaaarge:wrote on 16.02.09
I'm lacking some inspiration, about new functions right now. Feedback appreciated!
Duki:wrote on 13.02.09
Huhu! =D
Chaaarge:wrote on 10.02.09
The update was completed successfully and now I'll start coding the mentioned extended information.
Chaaarge:wrote on 10.02.09
I'm changing so much, that I'll purge the FTP and MySQL to upload the site clean and fresh. Smiley9
Chaaarge:wrote on 09.02.09
I'm making good progress, but need some sleep now. Tomorrow I will surely entangle myself in the details again. Smiley3 Oh, and hello to the not so nameless visitor.
Woohoo:wrote on 09.02.09
Chaaarge:wrote on 09.02.09
I will change the "login system" in the next days to be optional and totally anonymous. The counter itself will also be altered to be more simple in appearance and usage.
Chaaarge:wrote on 08.02.09
I wrote this neat (self-praise) shoutbox as a place to keep you updated and to communicate easily. We even have Smileys! Smiley1